The USS Juneau

The Juneau is an Austin-class amphibious transport docks specifically configured to carry Marines and their equipment to conduct amphibious operations in support of U.S. national interests. The USS Juneau has spent the majority of the last 12 months installing equipment and operating as the Navy's first IT-21 LPD.
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Congratulations on your orders to the USS Juneau (LPD 10).  JUNEAU is the third ship to bear the name and is an Amphibious Transport Dock named after the capital city of Juneau, Alaska.  The ship has a long and proud history and is the Navy's only forward deployed LPD.  Because we are forward deployed, we often visit ports in Korea, Okinawa, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and at times, Russia and China.  Due to the unique travel opportunity you will encounter while stationed in Japan, it is highly recommended that you obtain a tourist passport prior to reporting on board.  Our mission is to transport and land Marines SEALS, essential equipment and supplies by means of embarked landing craft, RHIBS or amphibious vehicles augmented by helicopter lift.  With such a dynamic mission we usually spend a significant portion of our time at sea.  Another key mission we have is to conduct ourselves as representatives of the United State Seventh Fleet in support of overseas diplomacy.

MISSION OF USS JUNEAU: USS JUNEAU (LPD-10) is as major component of the amphibious assault forces of the United States. These amphibious assault forces make up the Navy-Marine Corps sea-land-air team that is one of our nation's most valuable instruments of national policy. Few other forces in our Department of Defense Provide the President with such a wide choice of capabilities for defending our National Interests; wherever threatened.

The cutting edge of the amphibious assault forces is the embarked Marines--troops ready for instant action, prepared for any conflict. These Marines are maintained in our deployed ships and can be inserted at precisely the right moment by highly capable amphibious assault ships such as JUNEAU. To carry out this mission JUNEAU cannot be simply a transport to carry Marines but is also an assault ship.

Sasebo is a wonderful place to live with a population of about 250,000 and is located on the southwestern coast of the island of Kyushu, approximately 800 miles southwest of Tokyo and 40 miles northwest of Nagasaki.  The Japanese are friendly, respectful and rich in culture, which accounts for the country's practically non-existent crime rate.  Sasebo is considered one of the Navy's best kept secrets with an outstanding school system, several new facilities and an abundance of on and off-base activities; Sailors who come here have a tendency to want to stay here.  A trip to your local Family Service Center, even if you are single, is highly recommended.  You should find their "SITES" program, Welcome Aboard Package and Overseas Transfer workshops excellent sources of information.

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