Out with Friends ?

Dave & John
Ski trip to Crested Butte, CO 1998

aka   Veronica

Photos of friends and family we received from Christmas 2000

Linda, Patti, Cathy, Sandra
Summer 2000

Claudia, Cathy and Vicki Aug. 1998

Dolly and Lee
Aug. 1998, Evergreen Lake House

Lynn and Dave
April 1996, Black Hawk, CO

Diane and John
DIA, 1997

Horst and John
DIA, 1997

Carol B., riding in Suburban
Somewhere in Nebraska, Aug. 1996

Dave, Diane, Horst, and John
Horst yard; Upper Black Eddy, PA, Sept.. 1998

JoAnne, Cathy and John
At the Briarwood, May 2001

Cathy, JoAnne (with Baby), and John
Near Red Rocks, May 2001

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