Visiting Family ?

Spring of 1999
Sam and Grandpa Frank

Dad, Mom, Mekala, and Cathy
Salt Lake, UT . . Aug 1999

Photos of friends and family we received at Christmas 2000

Sam in Navy taken Nov. 2000
Sam joined the Navy Sept. 2000
Picture taken in November
when he graduated from basic training
at Great Lakes, Illinois.
Assigned to the USS JUNEAU
a LPD 10 class ship at Sasebo, Japan.
Jenny on Dad's Harley
Jenny on my Harley
Thankgiving 1999
Sam in Navy taken May2001
Sam May 2001
Aboard the USS JUNEAU
Photos from Sam in Navy

Brian, Heather, Judy, Mike and Mathew.
Taken 1999 in their back yard.
Christmas Eve 2000
Christmas Eve 2000
Lindsy, Melissa, Conner, Cathy and John
Christmas Day Dinner
Dinner on Christmas 2000
Bennett, Collette, John, Linda Gail, Lindsy, Conner, Philip (Melissa and Cathy must be taking picture)

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