Christmas 2000

Photos received from friends and family

We all live so far away and life is busy (if not hectic) at times. It was nice to hear from the people we think of in our thoughts and prayers.


Mark and Hallies wedding Wedding of Cousin Mark and Hallie
October 21, 2000
larger photo
Christina, Therese and Lisa Jim and Vicki's children
Christina, Therese and Lisa
Aunt Barbara, Brad and Don Aunt Barbara, Brad and Don

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Julia Cliff and Cousin Christine's daughter

Cousin Julie and Dau's children
Georgianna, Olivia and Kyle

Dressed to participate in the
Renaissance Festival.
Patrick, Cousin Marge, Jim & Shannon
Bruce, Blaise, Kleed & Barbara
Michael, Melody, Madisson & Melina
Geri and Ron
Shelby, Cindy & Emily

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