A Hunting Trip ?
Newfoundland Pg. 1
Went to Newfoundland in October of 1997, a 5 day hunt for moose, caribou and bear. All three in one year is called a Newfoundland Grand Slam. We saw a few bear, but it just didn't happen. Horst, Paul and I did get a moose and a caribou each. Great trip, great food, nice accommodations and the guides were knowledgable. Would go again if I had a chance.

The three of us drove from Pennsylvania to the Island of Newfoundland.
Took the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.

Parked in the bottom of the Ferry.
Paul and Horst getting things out of truck and trailer for overnight trip on ferry.

John and Horst eating dinner on ferry.
We stopped and got lobster before getting on ferry.

Picture of lodge on Gander Lake, from helicopter.

Dinner at lodge. The cook served a great meal.

Not only can he cook, he can sing.

The guides and guests relaxing before dinner.

The better moose hunting was out of this spike camp,
on another part of the lake.


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