A Hunting Trip ?
Newfoundland Pg. 2
Lots of walking and don't forget waterproof boots that are tall, there is lots of water.
Rains several times every day.

Pete "the guide", John and his Caribou
Pete walked hard every day.
I had no problem sleeping.
Newfoundland . . Oct. 1997
The Woodland Caribou
is only found in Newfoundland, where they are plentiful.

John and the Caribou
in the middle of the bog.

Horst, w/ his caribou, and John.
on dock in front of cabin

Paul and his Caribou

Horst, w/ his moose.

Paul and his moose

John with his moose.
Passed up a moose similar to this one earlier in the week. This was the last afternoon before leaving.

Paul, Horst, and John
Great trip and hunt.
Could have stayed longer, but time to go.


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